Gamify Your Startup to Motivate Your Team

A secret weapon to get your team passionate about their jobs The promise of metrics has failed We all want our companies to be data-driven. So why aren’t they?Here’s a hint: it’s not just about software, it’s about habits. We’ve all heard big promises about self-serve business analytics that claim to turn anyone into a data […]

The Most Important Growth Marketing Principle: Restraint

Warren Buffet once gave somewhat contrarian advice to the pilot of his private plane. The pilot had been talking about his career goals and Warren Buffet asked him to do an exercise.Buffet asked the pilot to write down the top 25 goals and then circle the top 5. The pilot did so. Then Buffet asked […]

What the Fuck Are Burn Rate & Runway

Two important concepts for any startup Burn Rate Burn rate is how much money your company is spending each month. So that means that your burn rate is simply the amount that comes into your bank account, minus the amount that goes out, for each month. This number is usually pretty constant. If there is […]