What Are The Most Important Metrics for a SAAS Company?

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From my notes on the Y-Combinator talk by Anu Hariharan #LearnInPublic #LearnByWriting 🚨 tl;dr: SAAS company growth is best measured through MRR (monthly recurring revenue), ARR (annual recurring revenue), MRR churn (loss of MRR), and Paid CAC (customer acquisition cost). ☁️ What is SAAS? As everyone Knows, SAAS is software-as-a-service. It’s essentially a software subscription for […]

What Enterprise-Sales Metrics Do Investors Care About Most?

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From my notes on the Y-Combinator talk by Anu Hariharan #LearnInPublic #LearnByWriting 🚨 tl;dr: An enterprise model for a startup means that your startup is primarily selling to big shinny enterprise customers. The most important metrics are Bookings, Total Customers, and Revenue. When distinguishing between bookings and revenue, the details matter. One is a leading […]

How to Talk to Users

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I recently watched this talk by Eric Migicovsky at Y-Combinator on how to talk to users. Here are my notes. 👾 Initial thoughts from Sean Talking to users is an interesting topic because it seems like something that should happen at a later stage. I worked at a startup where we had regular discussions with […]