Aspiring Startup Founder Notes

How to Talk to Users

I recently watched this talk by Eric Migicovsky at Y-Combinator on how to talk to users. Here are my notes. 👾 Initial thoughts from Sean

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Startup Growth

Stoicism, Mind, & Behavior

Concepts & Mental Models

The Diarrhea Rule

Want to take all the sting out of people doing inconsiderate things? Here’s a mental trick that works explosively well.Want to feel less frustrated by

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Everything Else

Why I Swear in My Writing

Hint: it has everything to do with human attention and memory I write about boring topics. Deep, important, powerful for making sense of the world…sure.

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Boiled Potato Diet

In a study dating all the way back to 1995, called “A Satiety Index of Common Foods,” dozens of different foods were compared to see

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Handbooks & Frameworks