Sean Knight

Hi, I'm Sean

I’m a data scientist, growth hacker, and aspiring startup founder.

I have degrees in both physics and data science and I’ve worked at particle accelerators, NASA JPL, a research nuclear reactor, and I’m now in the startup world.

On this site you’ll find some of my writings and ideas, short blog posts, and bullet-pointed notes I take as I #LearnInPublic.

You’ll also find my highlights and notes from books I’ve read


Image shows a car with rockets strapped to it

How to Talk to Users

I recently watched this talk by Eric Migicovsky at Y-Combinator on how to talk to users. Here are my notes. 👾 Initial thoughts from Sean

How to make friends as an adult

A short handbook from someone who is awful at making friends When I originally wrote this, I had no intention of publishing it. Instead, my

A teddybear wears a t-shirt that says "fuck off"

Why I Swear in My Writing

Hint: it has everything to do with human attention and memory I write about boring topics. Deep, important, powerful for making sense of the world…sure.

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Writing: You’re Doing It Wrong

We’ve all seen those headlines: “How I make $5,000 per month on Medium.” “How I turned writing into a full-time job.” “How to get rich

The Diarrhea Rule

Want to take all the sting out of people doing inconsiderate things? Here’s a mental trick that works explosively well.Want to feel less frustrated by